Saturday, July 22, 2006

I really hate DST. It feels like it's only 6:00 p.m. and I'm exhausted and frustrated and feeling guilty because it feels so early in the day. In reality, it's 8:30 p.m. But it's like broad daylight out there. sigh....

Anyway...I found links to these precious baby hats and socks. Our Russian secretary is due next month and she still has next to nothing. Patti Pierce Stone has made dozens of these patterns available, primarily for charity use, but also personal use. What a lovely gift to give! knitting is rusty. Specifically, knitting with multiple double pointed needles. After several beginnings, I finally got the hang of it - got to the point to add the other color and realized the colors were backwards. I thought MC was the white and CC was contrasting color - and so it is, but on the socks, they are turned around in the directions. It is correct on the hat, but not the socks. out...thankfully knitting is easy to rip out. I decided to take a break before I begin again.

In tatting guild this morning, Kaye has a pattern for a watermelon bookmark. She only had 3 repeats but I thought I would add a few more. Normally I don't like beads on bookmarks but I thought this would work for a cookbook. I'd probably put it in a plastic sleeve too. I think this will be in book #2. Eventually. LOL!

I popped into the fairgrounds today. It was my tatted sampler that got reserve sweepstakes, not the angel. I have to admit I was disturbed when I looked at the lace display. There were 10 entries. I had 5. Bette had 1 (and the sweepstakes!!!) and there were 3 other entrants, one who had 2 entries. That means I had half the entries. Everything was on the top shelf of a 2 shelf glass display and 1/3 of that was an afghan. My tatted sampler was in a different case full of afghans because it was too tall for the lace one and had nothing to hang on the wall with. What if I don't enter? Will they end up dropping lace altogether as a category if there aren't a minimum number of entries? Maybe it was just a bad year, but I'm concerned. I'm not stretching myself any further. I've already concluded I have too many pots brewing as it is.

hmmmm....well, I guess handmade lace will just become even more valuable. I dare try the duck sock again?


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