Tuesday, July 04, 2006

If you want so see a stunning heart in tatting, check out this one in Martha Ess's new website. The heart is on page 65 of Elgiva Nicholls Tatting Technique and History. ISBN 0-486-24612-4. This is a Dover publication with a price of $5.95 on the back when I got it in the late 90's. The Queen Anne's Lace and Dragonfly in the back are what prompted me to buy the book, though I have yet to make it! There are several copies available here.

hmmmmmm.....wonder if I could drum up a little study group to work through books like this over a period of several weeks? That might motivate me to do something with these treasures instead of just thumbing through the pages!

I've been working madly on this shawl. Last night I was done except for the fringe and I decided to wash it before I added that part. The long edge, which isn't seen here, had a tendency to curve. When I finished the last row of "crab stitch" there, it seemed to lay flat and looked ...okay. Now freshly laundered, it is folded over and I'm not happy with it so I will take those last 2 rows out and do something different. I followed the pattern everywhere else, but this part isn't working out. Once I'm happy with the edge, I'll fringe this part. I love the rest of it! The pattern came from Magic Crochet, number 29, February 1984.

I've had this eagle done for over a week but forgot to post it. This one is done with grays and black. I intend to do one in browns also. I'm considering doing the body in solid brown and the wings in a brown/gold variegated. Maybe do one set of inner rings in gold to appear as talons.

Last night I remembered that I had promised to make a bluebird for a woman who had seen the robin I'd tatted from Ring of Tatters 2005. This one will be all blue. She has a friend who collects bluebirds. (I'll bet you thought I forgot!)

When I downloaded the photos from my camera, I found this one of my grandson Bailey when we went to Hunter's Pub a few weeks ago for his dad's birthday. Bailey is 10 going on 16. Need I say more?

Happy Fourth of July!!!!


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