Thursday, August 10, 2006

Some days are just too weird! Blogger wouldn't let me load the scans in the small size but it would allow the medium.

I wanted to cry when I turned my knitting over. How, oh HOW, did I do this? I had to skip a whole needle. Why would it lay so smooth that I didn't even know it? Do I really have to take everything out and redo it? YUP! Well. at least back to the ribbing so it's only 4 rows but that's a lotta rows when they're divvied up like this. sigh....the shower is next Friday so I have time. The froggie socks are done.

Now, would you look at this? I thought I bought yet another pretty spool of quilting thread....but when I scanned it to put here, it looked suspiciously familiar. I can't find the other spool though I suspect it is in the box of everything I took off the end tables when I moved things around my new sofa and chair but I did find the shuttle that still had some thread in it that I was test tatting with. Sure looks the same to me. I might have to give this new one away now. What kind of challenge can I terrorize everyone with? hehehehehehehehe..........

And here are some teensy buttons that will work perfectly for the teensy thread bear that is waiting on me to return to.....along with half a dozen other projects!

Including TAT 2!


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