Thursday, May 24, 2007

I tatted both of these bookmarks last night. They are quick tats! The brown variegated was given to me by a friend - Tilley Thread from the UK, size 20. The other is an Altin Basak pastel variegated,size 50. They're going out with some books I've given away.

On my way back from Wisconsin,I stopped at a few antique stores in IL. I found some early Workbasket magazines, the fold out kind. They were in the original mailing envelope and I mistakenly thought the pattern on the outside of the envelope was inside. Instead, it was a teaser to encourage people to tell their friends about Workbasket and then they could get the pattern as a result of bringing in new subscribers. One of them was new to me and they all had sheets of transfers that were not with the ones I already had. I also bought 2 bags of lace that had been recovered from linens or clothing,all crocheted.

In another stop just down the road, I found a 1929 Needlecraft that I didn't already have. It features some padded tatting that looked quite interesting.

While I was gone, I worked on a sample tassel that has a macrame heading. I have a few more rows to do. It's way more tedious than I expected.

Looking at my hardanger workbox which probably hasn't been open since 2002, judging from the magazine dates inside, has been a fun adventure! I'm meeting with a lace friend next Wednesday to work on Hardanger.

Here are her samples for an upcoming workshop for our lace guild. The white will be finished into a pincushion, I think she said. The other can be appliqued on clothing or whatever.


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