Friday, May 04, 2007

Okay, here's the vintage pattern again. This time I chained between the rings since I really couldn't undertand what was meant about making 7 stitches OVER the thread between unless it was crocheted. I think it needs more stitches in the chain though to spread the rings out enough to see the long picots. This is described as an insertion, so it probably was crocheted over but I'm doing the chains instead.

Here is the cockerel from Dianna Stevens' book, Animal Bookmarks, A Tatted Zoo. Same thread as the peacock because I still had plenty on the shuttles! I had wound them almost completely full, but not quite. They're empty now though. I also like to add a short tassel to the split ring tails.

I've been giving away some non-tatting books on another list I belong to and I've been trying to include a tatted bookmark for the winner of the book lottery. I also joined Mary Donohue's exchange for the next month which is a bookmark exchange so I'm getting plenty of practice!

I stopped at Big Lots on my way home and found some hot pad/kitchen towel combinations that I may use for gifts. So quick and easy to do! I had such an intense week with some training. Today was my 1st day back at regular work and that involved a lot of catch-up besides the full schedule I had already made. I'll have to go in on Sunday for awhile to prepare some training we're doing early Monday morning. I am SO happy to have tomorrow to sleep in for a change.

For now, I think I'm going play with that insertion some more, make some adaptations and see what happens.


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