Sunday, May 20, 2007

This is an edging from Fantasia, a tatting book by Iris Niebach. I'm tatting it in size 50 Flora. In this case, the thread really is a size 50...some threads, like Altin Basak, tat up like size 20 or 30. This is her edging Fiordaliso. My intention is to turn it into a bookmark. I am about 3 bookmarks behind now. Besides the exchange I am in, I'm tatting bookmarks to go with some books I'm giving away.

I've been so busy lately that I've had very little time for tatting. I guys probably can't believe it but it's true! Today I started planting my garden: tomatoes, peppers, green beans and green onions, and basil so far. I had to quit to get ready for my grandson's boy scout banquet. Tomorrow I'm leaving for Madison, WI for a seminar until Tuesday afternoon. I haven't even packed yet! Laundry is still drying and I've been finishing up last minute stuff. My son & his girlfriend were also out this afternoon and planted some flowers for me..a belated Mother's Day gift since she was graduating from Nursing School on Mother's Day. They also brought me 2 hanging baskets so now I have such a pretty spot to sit and relax in.

I'm taking plenty of tatting with me even though I won't have a lot of time to never know.

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  1. Lovely tatting. This is the only craft ever to elude my talented needlecrafting mother, so I am always fascinated when I see it in real life.

    One day........ even I may attempt it.


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