Wednesday, May 16, 2007

If you're looking for resources online, be sure to check out YouTube. In the search box, put in "crochet" or "tatting" or "knitting" or whatever craft you are interested in and you'll find all kinds of goodies!

After watching this one about continental knitting, I can see that it is much more efficient than the way I knit. I'm anxious to give it a try now. Portuguese knitting is intriguing too. The needles look like crochet hooks. And if you watch The Manly Art of Knitting, you'll see one gentleman using pointed shovel handles to knit a hammock!

Some sewing humor:

Human re-enactment of the sewing machine!

Okay...time to stop...

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  1. Oh my yes! Continental way of knitting is sooo much more efficient and less difficult on your wrists. I used to knit with the working thread in my right hand flipping it over the needles each stitch... Then I watched my grandma knit and it was like an epiphany! You tube is really awesome for instructional videos. I know I've been using it to help me learn to spin.

    I really like your site!

    Samantha aka. teen_tatter


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