Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Apron from CraftSanity

hmmm...could start a new trend...with clever pocketing, it could replace those cumbersome purses we haul around. In my retail store days, I loved the apron smocks we wore with pockets - kept my keys, money and kleenex. Probably wouldn't go over for formal occasions but casual errand-running would work AND I could stick a tatting shuttle and thread in there too!

The glove is coming along. One glove...or fingerless's too small, but I won't be wearing them anyway. I've got the thumb and wrist trim yet to go. This is a pattern from Mary Konior in Tatting In Lace, page 84. She specifies size 40 thread but this is size 30 Cebelia and the glove is too small. It was fine til I got to the thumb part and somehow that made my hand scrunch up to fit in it. LOL! It will fit a child nicely though. I've used an elastic hair tie to cover for the wrist. If I were to make a pair for myself, I think I would add 10-15 mignonette rings.

Another salt & pepper tea-for-one! Isn't it adorable? This one is from my sister, a birthday gift along with a bisque angel with moveable wings and a teabag squeezer tongs! I got my new camera pretty much figured out..sorta...took 5 shots to get this one good one of the teapot S&P. LOL! I'm too tired to take photos of the other things now.

Someone was looking for shell patterns so I dug up my scans of the 2 shells I tatted in September of 2003, enlarged them and counted the stitches. I'm test tatting them for now, but will pass those on to Ruth for the Tat Calendar plus I'll have a link here for the pattern. There are simply not enough hours in the day!


  1. I agree with you about never having enough time. I am interested to see how the gloves turn out!

  2. Time? What's that? I love the apron idea. I still wear an apron when I cook. I need to wear one to feed the grandson! The pockets are great. I hadn't thought of wearing it all day with stuff in it, but that's a great idea. I can't wait to see the gloves.


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