Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I've been doing some other tatting but it's for potential classes and a continuing in-process project. I'm trying to document this shell that I designed back in 2003. This is my 2nd attempt to recreate it. I do have the original but it's hard to count the stitches! I think the variegated threads work perfectly with this. This is 2 solid colored threads together...okay, but not striking visually. I want to tweak the top a bit more and then I'll write it up and donate it to the tatting calendar.

I'm still studying for my real estate state exam next week and I'm still catching up from being gone for so long and it's still insufferably hot, but is predicted to cool off from this point on. I'm ready!

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  1. I like the shell a lot. I will be delighted to see the pattern. I had wished I could tat some shells as my husband loves the beach so much!


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