Sunday, September 02, 2007

Today I was in Walmart at Frankfort and found this little denim skirt bag. It's about the size of a cosmetic bag. Only $1.87 and since I haven't found the bigger denim bag I was going to use for the Trash to Treasure challenge, I decided to go with this one. The tattings are just a sample I pulled out of a tin and what I had laying on the table next to my living room chair. I have 4 little photo albums of samples too that I can possibly use....I'll just have to play around with it.

This is the latest shell version. One more tweak and that should be it. They keep getting bigger because I keep going to a bigger thread - not on purpose - it was just handy.

And I wanted a variegated thread because I think it looks more shell-like. I'll have to tat one up in the tiny thread too just to be sure the dimensions still work out.


  1. How cute... and you can't beat the price! I love the shell. That's a pattern I would love to try!

  2. It is looking more perfect and shell-like every day!

  3. Oh, I forgot to say good luck on the real estate exam next week! You can do it!


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