Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tatted Lace Vocalized

Did you know Tatted Lace is a song? I can hear the words better in the first one by Alela Diane.

I may have to buy the CD. LOL! I still haven't found a copy of the book of poems, Tatted Lace and Other Handmade Poems. I've been looking for one for ...oh, four years now. I did connect with the person who handled sales of that book but it was out of print and she did not have any extra copies. I might have to make my own.

I noticed on her website that all the lace is crocheted, not tatted, but there are no claims of tatting on there so I didn't see any point in mentioning it to her. Looks like she will perform in Indianapolis on November 9th, but I'll be out of state then.

No tatting to show....I'm still crocheting the filet crochet piece. Sigh.....I wanted to make one for an aunt in FL, as well as the 2 friends I'm going to meet up with. It's a kokopelli...shhhhhhh.....don't tell...and if any of them tatted (they don't) I would tat a little kokopelli for them from Jane's website - which would go a whole lot faster because it's so little. But I've wanted to make this for awhile anyway.

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  1. Beautiful!!!! I didn't know this was a song either. She also has a beautiful voice.
    Thank you for sharing it.


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