Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I just purchased this thread from Yarnplayer's Etsy Shop. I played at dying threads myself a few years ago and loved the scrumptious colors but had trouble getting the colors to "set" properly. There are newer ways to dye and keep it colorfast so I may try it again one of these days.
I wound it on a ribbon floss holder after receiving it in the mail night before last. I don't know what I want to tat with it yet and I'll plan carefully since there is a limited amount of yardage in this skein.

Jane Eborall diagrammed a quick and easier way to do split rings developed by Marie Smith. I can't wait to try it.

hmmm....I see a theme here....new thread, can't wait to try it; new technique, can't wait to try it....I can't tell you how many patterns and ideas I am dying to try out! Why don't I have time? Beats me but I've been pretty darn busy for weeks now.

Bette sent me this link to a handbag website....you'll notice on the right side that there are tons of tutorials. I mentally wrenched myself away from the site last night before I discovered the links...but drawn, like a moth to a flame, I revisited it today and found them. The Origami Pocket Pouch is what we tatters affectionately call The Dorset Bag posted originally by Joy McKenzie and then rewritten and posted by Gale Marshall on her site.

I love the look of these Gypsy purses. Look closely - you'll see some tatting. I was going to ask for permission to use a photo but I'm having trouble finding a contact link so I won't.

Enough writing....there's tatting to get at!

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  1. So much tatting inspiration! I keep trying to organize my special space, but everytime I spy thread, shuttles, or patterns that I haven't seen in a while, I get distracted and want to try something new. It's so hard to stay focused!

    Thanks for sharing the links for the bags. When Alison started high school, I made bags like this for all the girls to carry their P.E. clothes in... much larger of course! I lost the pattern long ago. I may have to make some Dorset bags to use up some of my fabric stash!


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