Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Classes & People

My first class of the day was with Erin Holloway...about applique with tatting. Erin had several samples of potential projects and we had a couple of choices for in-class. I loved sachet bags so I picked an organdy bag and stitched on some roses that I'd already tatted at some point in the past. I had to tat the stems but that was quick. I filled up the bag with lavendar (which made my car smell so nice all the way home) and pulled it tight. I could have put the flowers a little lower down. You don't notice it until you have the bag full and then it pulls the applique up or it seems higher. I also brought home a red bag full of Christmas pine scented filling. I'll put something seasonal on it. She showed picture frames and baby clothes and slippers as other targets for applique.

Btw, I got so many nice gifts from tatting friends...somehow I'll have to pay them back. Erin had a little goody bag for each of us which included the requisite chocolate, but she also gave me 3 hand-painted lace bobbins! If you look closely, you can see she painted my name on 2 of them. One of these days I'll have enough for more than a little bobbinlace project!

The unexpected surprises are sometimes the best and most meaningful. I had lots of them this time...even though I'm beginning to get used to people recognizing me from my blog, it still blows me away sometimes. Out of the blue, a lovely tatter handed me this bag of goodies. Her name is Connie Angeline and her note inside said: "You gave me an idea. You donated a pattern. You answered my quesiton in class. You shared your technique. You took the time to answer my e-mail. You welcomed me into your online group. Whatever you did, it was so generous, I'd just like to say thank you!" I understand Connie gave more than one of these out....and I am just dumbfounded that she took the time, not only to identify people, but to make up the bags and hand deliver them to us. I've never expected anything in return for any help or teaching I might give or do. For me, it's a paying forward for all that I've received from others in the tatting community. I remember too well feeling isolated and frustrated in my quest to learn. Thank YOU Connie and everyone else who has been so thoughtful to me!

At this point, I went to the display room and drooled over all the beautiful tatting. As I was going to my room the night before, I met Iris Niebach! She had so many things on display - magnificent tatting! I wished I had planned better for this event and given myself time to chat and visit with EVERYONE but it wasn't to be this time...just little hugs and quick words in the inbetween moments.

I had my camera with me this day and took pictures in nearly every class and inbetween as well as all the tatting in the display room. My camera is still new to me and I noticed after I got home that some of the motifs looked washed out and indistinct, but most showed up beautifully.

My second class was with Jane Eborall, the wheelbarrow and watering can. I had my shuttles wound and ready to go. I was able to complete the wheelbarrow just in the nick of time but still have the watering can to go. Jane rode with me the last time I went in 2005 so it was a great treat to meet up with her again. I'm looking forward to making her tree frog. Some things just look so much better in person.

For lunch, I tried to sit with some people I did not know. sigh....I've forgotten the names already but they are from Georgia! Tonya was one...with her husband, and I think ?Janice?...Erin Benner! Also Teresa and Ronnie Woods.

My first afternoon class was the strawberry flower with Mary Donohue. I got that one done just before class ended too! It was fun hearing how Mary came up with the idea and how it developed. Mary had lost her sample (which I think Donna Thompson found) and Georgia went off to the display room to "borrow" the Flower Garden Display.

My last class was the block tatted watering can and flower pot by Martha Ess. I didn't get this one done, but I got pretty far on it. I finished the spout later that night in my hotel room and the rest of it last night. You may have noticed the tea set done in block tatting in the slide show. That developed out of this project too. It really is quite clever. I enjoyed all the tips Martha gave on how to work this one too. I can't believe I did NOT get a photo of Martha in class or in her tatted bonnet which was gorgeous!

Dinner was with Erin & her hubby, Mark and his wife, and Sherry Townsend. Breakfast had included Hope Green, Martha Ess, and...ooooh...my brain is mush at the moment...it will come to me.

I noticed when I went to upload photos for this entry that some of the display room photos ended up in the wrong folder so here they are. Abby's shadow box was exquisite. I love miniatures and she created such wonderful detail in this medium. You might have noticed in the slide show too that Abby has completed the "Master" in T.A.T. Congratulations to Abby and she clearly deserves every award she received!

Jane was working on this patchwork piece the very first time I met her at Palmetto in 2004. The pattern is on her website.

Iris had so many things in the display room. This necklace set is intriguing. I wish I could have asked her about it. She uses different beads in a very specific way to get the design.

So, my head is still spinning and I still have so much to put away. In 2 weeks, I'll be heading to Ayr, Ontario Canada and we'll do this all over again...on a smaller scale. LOL!


  1. Thank you for sharing in such detail. I know I missed out on a fabulous time but I almost feel as if I were there.

  2. Hi Regina!! you sat with us at lunch that day. Tonya Smith and her hubby Rodney, Me (Erin Benner) and Teresa and Ronnie Woods. I enjoyed having lunch with you. hope to see you next year too!!

  3. Sherry, I'm sure you'll get there next time.

    And Erin...thank you! I didn't think "Janice" was right, but when I think of Erin, I think of Erin Holloway!

    :-) Gina


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