Thursday, September 13, 2007

Every so often I remember to look at the "blogs of note" that blogger lists and actually have time to take a peek...the first (and only) one I went to was Beate's Fabric Art. It's a German site that is written mostly in English. Anyway, I love her felt and other fiber notebooks but there are also several fabric yo-yo's mixed in if you explore her site far enough. Lots more ideas for those things I really don't like but feel compelled to make, sooner or later! LOL! I WILL make a yo-yo that I adore.

And that reminds me, dear Gail sent me felting supplies months ago (please don't tell me it's been a year!) and Beate's site inspires me again to try it. Just as soon as Greenfield Tat Day is over, and my class reunion, and the long weekend at Palmetto, and the long tatting weekend in Canada....okay, maybe between those 2 long weekends.

That was written....oh, awhile ago...somehow was still in draft status...

Today I was following a link from Tea Party Girl, which led me to another link to this History channel documentary about tea!
It's 44 minutes long so don't bother if you're on dial-up. If you have a faster connection, I found it helpful to put it on "pause" and go do something for awhile. Otherwise, it kept "buffering" but if you give it some time to download ahead, you can watch it without interuption. Fascinating! As a result, my sister & I made plans to visit another tearoom in Indiana...which one is yet to be determined.

Last night or was it the night before...I started tatting Jane's watering can that goes with the wheelbarrow. My thread kept breaking and in frustration, I pitched it. LOL! The pattern is easy, the thread was not. It's some Omega variegated that I bought some time back. I've tatted with it before and liked it, as far as I remember, but it sure wasn't cooperating with me this time. I ended up reading last night, Lavender Lies, one of several China Bayles mysteries that a friend gave me. It involves teashops and herbs and crafts and a former female attorney who loves herbs more than libel, and a slew of characters that are fun, light reading. I think I needed something like that after that intense TATTING weekend.

Oh...a word to the wise....don't store your tatting in those flimsy plastic photo albums. I stashed several in the lovely bag my friend Paula gave me to show and tell in Palmetto, but never managed to get them out of the car as I was so busy going places! And it was HOT in the car. It did not damage the tatting, fortunately. This one was the worst but another has some moderate crinkling and 2 others didn't seem to be significantly affected by it. I guess you shouldn't leave ANYTHING in the car when it's that hot.

I may take another stab at that watering can...or I may read the rest of the mystery. The cleaning urge hasn't really kicked in yet. LOL!


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