Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's been one of those weekends where I didn't get much tatting done and thought I didn't have much to post about. But then as I scanned the one and only thing I scan led to another and another and ...well, I practically have a book now! youngest son, Jesse, called me Friday night to tell me he was engaged! Yesterday he sent out the above photo of he and Libby in his (heheheh) email announcement. She is a recently certified RN and works at the high risk maternity unit at a hospital near Indianapolis.

Saturday afternoon I went to my friend Paula's house near Brookston to go to the Apple-Popcorn Festival there. She & her hubby are part of a gun & rifle club and go to "shoots" several times during the summer, including this day. They weren't back yet so I sat and brushed Virgil, the dog, who clearly loved it, and then I tatted a bit. I didn't have any patterns with me and very little thread, just 2 different spools of quilting thread that I wanted to play with together. I started tatting this little piece without a clue as to where I was going. Paula showed up before I even completed the second round. I finished it today, still not sure where I was going with it, but I'm very pleased with it. You can't see its shape all that well...I may have to play with color to see if that helps define it, but I'm anxious to do something more with it.

I also started this filet crochet piece yesterday. It's a gift I have in mind for friends in FL that I will see in November. I don't think they read this blog, but just in case....I probably won't continue to show its progress.

Paula found a few old things in her stuff, including this copy of Aunt Ellen's how-to from Workbasket. I have one but I think it's in red and missing pages so I appreciatively accepted this copy!

Traipsing around garage sales and festivals can be dangerous with friends. It's so easy to let yourself be talked into getting something! I got the dragonfly candlecup for a quarter. Actually, it was half-price but she couldn't figure out what to do with the half-cent so I told her to keep the quarter. LOL! It's Paula's fault that I got the teapot. I generally stick to tea-for-ones as an attempt to limit my collection but once in a while I get a regular teapot. This one is the most beautiful blue...almost a cobalt blue and was only $3....Paula kept saying, "You should get it!" She hasn't seen the dozens I have packed away because I have no room to display them.

I can't resist cheap jewelry! I kept thinking of ways to use them in tatting but I'll probably wear some of the earrings before I put them in the pot waiting for tatted embellishments.

I've got to find a way to use all those big pearls! I have oodles of those from other pieces. Just what I more challenge!

This plastic container was my first buy!

Here it is partially opened.

Here it is all opened up. There are 2 side compartments as well as the center one. I think I can pack a lot into this.

Ever since I got back from house-sitting, stuff has been dropped in piles on the living room floor and expecially all my tatting supplies. I had them all spread out before I left for South Carolina and when I returned....all over the floor today I pretty much picked it all up and put it a safe place...and I'm already concerned that the safe place has become far too safe!

I remembered today that I need to be planning the Tatting Goddess Secret Santa Exchange!


  1. Congratulations to Jesse and Libby! More later.

  2. I still have my old copy of Aunt Ellen's book, and I treasure it, also.


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