Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm sitting here killing time waiting for the mail to come before I take off for Ayr, Ontario for the Fringe Element Tat Day. It always amazes me what I dig up when I'm packing supplies for an event like this. It's like Christmas! Last night I found this skein of embroidery floss that I bought in Australia at a yarn/fiber shop that Maureen took me to. (That woman knows some GOOD places to go to!) I remember it was the last skein and so pretty and on the expensive side but I bought it anyway. Two years later, I find it. As I wound it on the floss holder last night, I was thinking it was a little thick for the kind of tatting I like to do...even bigger than size 10 thread...and then I realized they were strands of floss - I can separate them and use only 2 or 3 strands. Yay! Good thing..since it's only 10 meters....that makes it go a lot longer.
At the same time, here is a button I bought with ..ummm...several others...a few weeks ago at JoAnn Fabrics. I love buttons and I love to imagine them with tatting. How often do I get around to doing that? ROTFL! Not nearly as often as the big pretzel container of buttons would make you think I expected to!

I was reminded again on Tuesday when I met up with a couple of lace group members at lunch to show them some samples of what could be done for holiday tatting and some of my photos were of tatting with buttons for brooches or amulet bags. So, of course, seeing this thread got me all fired up.

And the mail better come pretty soon because the more I look around, the more I pack in the car which I won't have time to do anything with anyway! But a bit ago, I found a pincushion I was working on a few months ago for the pincushion exchange. I decided not to go with this one when I found the spoon idea, so it has sat languishing, but I took my barely started sample with me hoping to get inspired. I thought I had a picture of it but I don't find one. It's a very small one, good for putting in your tatting workbox where you only need a few pins and needles.

Found lots of jewelry findings in my putzing around too. Last night I was in the basement looking for something in a particular basket, and I found 2 containers of size 8 perle cotton! I remember buying it when I first discovered the Heirloom Corner. She had such beautiful colors of thread there and it was heaven for someone who couldn't find anything locally. At the time, I tatted with size 12 DMC and size 20 in anything else. The size 8 was a bit big and soft, but I didn't care...for awhile. I've used very little of it, but hey...this is perfect for my hardanger!

Well, I'm off shortly. Probably won't have an opportunity to post until I'm back on either September 30 or October 1. With lotsa pics!

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  1. I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip! It's kind of fun finding "lost" treasures!


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