Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Well...we learn from our mistakes, don't we? The hardanger turned out fine but my edging leaves a bit to be desired. The pattern is Camomile, Edgings with corners, from Mary Konior's Tatting Patterns. I needed 1 or 2 more repeats between corners but at the time, it seemed to fit nicely. I sew my edgings on so I can remove them intact, if need be, rather than tat them on. Since the corners are different, I couldn't just tat another inch or so at the end. I'll tat another one and replace it later.
I seem to be on a pincushion kick. There are 2 others that I'm working on, just to play with. It all started with the pincushion exchange hosted by Mary Donohue. As it happened, she was my partner! This beautiful pincushion was made for me by Mary. It's a vintage handkerchief monogramed with a "G" (how perfect was that?) with appliqued flowers and embroidery which Mary then embellished with a tatted edging and flowers and butterflies. It's truly unique. She also sent chocolate in a rectangular Whitman's Sampler Tin which I've already managed to store something in!

This is the pincushion I sent Mary. I took an old serving spoon from a local thrift store and bent the handle...which broke...but up high enough that I still had plenty of room for bending. It's not as easy as it's always looked. LOL! Actually, I think it made it more practical to use with the shorter handle. I tried making a beaded spider on the top (arachne!) and tatted an edging all around from Linda Davies' book From Petals to Pearls. I also tatted a tiny rosette that I glued on a white ribbon for the handle but the photo for that final version is on the camera I gave to my son. You can see it on Mary's website.

I finally got my new camera sorted out. Long story that I don't want to repeat.

I have a final exam tomorrow night...then schedule the state exam hopefully within 2 weeks and then I can kick back and TAT!


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