Wednesday, August 08, 2007

These are some earrings I tatted to use up some thread and beads, at least the pair on the left was for that reason. On the right, I tried putting beads in a different place to see if the earrings would hold their shape any better. They're a little too "soft" for me. I used DMC metallic for the pink, 2 strands, and the gold pair were from 2 sulky threads...I think the ones I used for my mask. The pattern is by Iris Griffiths and is in Ring of Tatters Tatting 2000.
I checked out an antique store last week - saw some neighbors from when I was growing up in the process - and found these teacups. The glass one with the square saucer actually come from a second-hand store a week or so earlier. the linen under it, however, came from this antique store with the name, Leaping Leopard Antiques. I actually saw a shuttle there, the black bakelight kind which I already have a couple of.

I found this tea-for-one there too along with the linen towel under it. I try to avoid buying these so much anymore but I liked the cap, as you can see in the next photo. It was only $12.00...but tea-for-ones aren't that old yet. They are a fairly recent addition to the tea paraphenelia.

Now this is what I really liked more than anything! The diffuser is part of the pot! It's on a ball chain with a little black bead at the top that just fits down into the lid. It was $18...a little more than I like to spend but I've never seen one like this before. where am I going to put them? I've decided the next guy in my life needs to be a carpenter!


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