Thursday, November 22, 2007

Look at this adorable Bug Knit! They are knitted by Althea Crome Merback, who is in, of all places, Bloomington Indiana! That's worth a day trip in itself! Wait til you see the photo of 5 teensy knits lined up on her finger! Nano-knitting! You can also buy patterns and needles from her. Can you tell I love miniatures? LOL!

Knitting Pattern Central Last winter I suddenly started knitting foldover fingerless mittens. Only got one pair done. The wife of one couple I stayed with last week gave me a box of yarn, 8 different skeins of knitting worsted. Perfect for hats and mittens, I think. So this evening, in the mood to maybe knit up a pair of mittens or a hat, do you think I could find a pattern I already printed out? Nope, but I did find nearly a dozen tatting books that can't fit on my shelf...and that's why they were somewhere else. Not a good feeling.

So anyway, I goggled mittens. I tried fingerless mittens but those have no flap at all and I couldn't remember what the foldover flap type is called but I had a hard time finding a pattern last winter. I decided to try the link at Knitting Pattern Central and there are TONS of mitten and glove patterns. I found four versions of the kind I'm looking for and I didn't even click on every link. So if you're looking for a quick knit gift....try there.

On my search, I stumbled upon The Island of Misfit Patterns which I found amusing....with a few usable patterns to boot. And here's another cool one - Vintage Stitchorama! Well,actually, she seems to have several blogs....a bit on the dark side if you like dark humor. Look at this fabulous crocheted choker! I'm thinking a tatted version wouldn't be hard to come up with.

Owl pendant
Another creative idea.

It's hard to believe but I haven't gotten back to tatting yet. I've spent this whole week knitting the wrist of ONE mitten. LOL! Actually, I had one mitten almost done and wasn't happy with it so I ripped it out. Red yarn is so thick it doesn't work up as nicely as the other colors sometimes so I switched to another skein and another pattern. I really need to be working on Christmas stuff but here I am, procrastinating. I think I just needed a break.

A good part of is this post was actually 2 others I had in drafts. We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner today. A wonderful dinner truly! All my kids and grandkids and my sister and her family. And some extended family. Tomorrow I visit my friend in Brookston and have dinner with her and her family. Saturday I will connect with a visiting aunt and uncle from TX. I have no idea when I might get anything else done, like putting away stuff from my trip and putting up my tree or even cleaning house so I'll have room for my tree. I could use a vacation. LOL!


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