Sunday, November 04, 2007


I'm off to Florida in a few hours. It's been so hectic trying to get everything done at work that I stayed way late Thursday and Friday to have all the paperwork done. Yesterday was spent catching up at home, running errands, and packing.

For those who worry about me driving alone, I've found that I pay closer attention when I'm alone than when I have a passenger, and I stop a lot, A LOT - about every hour to 1 1/2 hours, and I take my time. First stop is my cousin in Ocala. Well...actually, I'll stay at a hotel on the way. I'm not a drive-all-night person.

I have a suitcase packed with my tatting. Yep, a suitcase - and there's still another bag. LOL! I'm only taking a few books. If I work on anything, it will be the T.A.T. binder, but I also wanted to play with my beads and there's a nice bunch of those with me. The hard part was picking which threads to take with me. I took some for the T.A.T.....just remembered...I need size 10 in one project and I didn't pack it yet! And then I packed several specialty threads - the ones from King Tut or embroidery threads that I add a filament to, Marilee's thread, and a few other unusual ones. I'll make small motifs with them to see how they work up.

So posting here will likely be very sporadic, but I do know I'll have computer access...I'll mostly check email and let the rest go.


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