Thursday, November 01, 2007

Look at what my sister got for me from Half-Price Bookstore! I don't have any of these Rosemarie Peel books. I know the Tat Five is out of print. These are in perfect condition, look and feel like brand new!

And this one too! Not so new looking but very close and certainly not one I even knew existed. I don't understand the language but there are diagrams with numbers.

This is the UFO I picked up the other night and started working on again. As I looked at the scan, I got to thinking that it would look nice appliqued as a flower on somthing but I would have to make some leaves too...lavendar leaves? LOL!

These are even more blossoms. I know I had planned to put three of them on a hat and I was going to somehow join the purl tatting of all three in rows to make the hatband wider.

Ah well...the best of intentions!


  1. What lucky finds! I have friends looking for tatting shuttles (haven't found any yet), but I've never thought of asking them to look for books! I can't wait to see which patterns you choose to make first!

  2. Lucky you to get these books. I am glad they are out of the book store and into the hands of a deserving tatter.


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