Saturday, November 24, 2007

When I returned back to work, I found this lovely wooden cabinet on my desk. A fellow who works in the department made it for me. I haven't decided yet what I will put in it. He made it for tatting supplies....and we all know I couldn't possibly fit a whole room into this little box but it might hold a few balls of thread, some beads and shuttles. OR...I could use it for jewelry. OR I could put my teas in there and my diffusers or bag holders. I'll move it around from place to place before I decide. Right now, it has one completed mitten next to it. Marj, one of the friends I stayed with in Florida, gave me a box of 8 different colored skeins of knitting worsted. I thought I could either give mittens and hats away to friends or to the homeless shelter. This one is big enough for a man. I used a bigger size needle and it worked out nicely. It's just a plain mitten - not the foldover fingerless type. I might do those later. I thought this would go a whole lot faster than it did!

Here's nosy Skunk....he had to check out what I was photographing. Of course, he gets right up in my face so it's nearly impossible to snap a picture of him unless it's his butt. I got the pic but he's almost got his eyes closed.

Here's a bookmark in progress using the butterfly edging in Mary Konior's A Pattern Book of Tatting, page 24. I love this edging and the thread tats up beautifully. I started it just to try out the thread and then decided I needed to actually do something with it. I don't really have anything to put it around and the colors don't match my furnishings so bookmark it is.

All I have to figure out now is which way to turn it. I think it would be better to turn it so the bottom of the wings are joined, because the picots are smaller there...but it looks like it might be more appealing if I turn it so the picots at the top of the butterfly are joining. I've scanned it turned each way but I still don't know. I want to tat a few more flutters before turning so I have time to think on it.

This is some old J&P Coates thread, size 70/80, in color 175.


  1. I love the wooden box. What a marvelous surprise. I also really like the butterfly edging. It seems like there was something else in the middle that I was going to comment on, but I can't see it from this screen and I've forgotten already! Anyway, well done as usual.

  2. Hi Gina,
    I usually use a frameless mirror with a straight side, to try and see how the corner turns before actually making it up. I place the flat side on the edging and turn it around to get the corner angle that I want and then slide it along the edging to see where I can get a nice corner design. Sometimes I have to add some rings or chains to the corner to get a better design.


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