Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I was up until after 1:00 a.m. finishing up the second bootie last night. I had to have it done today because Paula leaves tomorrow for Houston to see the new grandbaby. They really are sweet. The pattern called for a 2nd yarn for a contrasting color but I made them all one color. There was also a loop at the ends for the buttons but I knitted a buttonhole in. I should have made the strap longer to accommodate that but I didn't even realize it until last night and I wasn't going to knit yet another set! These are bigger than the first pair.

This is a butterfly from Ruth's book. It's the variegated butterfly although I didn't match up the colors as she suggested. I was emptying out a shuttle and more interested in the shape than the colors initially. I also couldn't figure out the magic body. It was too late Monday when I got to that part so I just made one up. The Magic Body somehow encapsulates the threads of the wings so you don't have to hide them, but I was beginning to be all thumbs by the time I got to that point. Maybe next time.

Last night was the last meeting of my lace group members for tatting. Only 2 could make it. Dagmar is working on a 3D snowflake by Toni Storer. She's braver than me! I'm her mentor and so far we've figured it out, but it's the most difficult pattern in the book. Cathy switched from the bell she kept redoing the center of to a Christmas tree. It was a good move. She was almost done with the tree before we left. I worked a bit on the trash to treasures bag and also tatted on the hatband of the blossom I taught year before last at Hector. I have 2 samples in progress from that time that I never got around to finishing up.

Someone brought up the T.A.T program and how I was progressing on that. Ummm.....I do have it out to take with me on vacation. The only challenge about it is being absolutely correct (which takes all the fun out of it sometimes) and getting it done. I've never been one to go for awards and certifications unless I had to...and I don't have to. It's a personal choice, a personal challenge. It's a good program to pursue. It pushes you to do your best and figure out details you might not otherwise - but unless you are teaching, there's not a lot to push you to complete it. Even so, I would encourage anyone who has the time and motivation to give it a shot...Tatters Across Time -T.A.T. I have to say I was quite envious of Abby Small's display at Palmettos - she has completed the entire program and framed it all nicely. If I don't get it done while on vacation, it will have to wait until after the beginning of the year...and actually, I don't think they accept them for evaluation now until January.

For some reason, I don't have Carol Amich's blog listed in the sidebar but you should go there and check out her 3D witch.


  1. The booties are great!
    I am also doing the T.A.T program for personal edification. It certainly has improved my tatting.

  2. The booties and butterfly are wonderful! I sent for the T.A.T. program, but I haven't gotten very far. I felt like I had to improve my tatting before really getting into it. Since I'm having trouble with lock joins, I don't think I'll be finishing it for a while!


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