Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It appears that I lost my earlier entry today. Ah well...I suspect I clicked before I saved, even though it automatically saves. These are some strawberries I tatted last week to show my guild program chair. We're looking at a few different versions to see which might work best for a certain project. These are from Workbasket, July 1995. I added the leaves at the last minute and don't like them but the pattern actually calls for them to be sewn to green felt and I didn't like that idea either. This is a mouse pad that has a "window" compartment that had a card showing help instructions for something at work. I decided to put the berries in there for the time being.

Whoops! Can you see my mistake? I'm glad I scanned it - I kept thinking the border wasn't quite right but couldn't see it last night. This morning it GLARED at me! Tonight I ripped out the 6 rows I had crocheted the night before. I'm almost where I was last night now. I hope to finish this over the next 2 nights. Until this morning, I thought I'd get real close tonight to finishing. I wonder if I can adapt this to a bookmark somehow?

This is an experiment - I'm using the antique gold thread I bought from Rita Cochrane in Ayr, Ontario with a strand of sulky gold and an adorable angel button. I really need a shank button instead of a 2-holed button but it looks so nice behind this one. This is actually the center of a snowflake and I plan to tat the rest of the snowflake around it. I started a second center with larger picots but I don't think it will work with the rest of the snowflake.


  1. I love the strawberries! They look good enough to eat!

    I didn't notice your crochet mistake until I read that you had to take out 6 rows. I love the pattern! Will this be a mat, or will you frame it?

    The teddy bear angel is adorable. I must not be good at noticing things today, because I didn't see that this was a two hole button at first!

  2. Yeah, in the border and I knew when I was doing it that something was wrong but I just couldn't "see" it! At least I found it before I finished. The bear actually has wings already but I guess he's now an especially good angel with a second pair of wings. LOL!

  3. It took me a minute, but I can see it. You know, in Native American bead work, there is always a "spirit bead." (An planned mistake.) You probably know about this. It is an homage to acknowledge that we are inperfect. Maybe that was what you were doing!
    I love the strawberries and the angel bear is adorable!

  4. I know of the concept. It wasn't my plan, but there is a tiny mistake elsewhere that I knew about at the time and didn't see a way to fix. It's not clearly obvious, but I know it's there.
    :-) Gina


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