Thursday, October 18, 2007

Here's the brooch! I couldn't find my stiffener so I used watered down glue and it took forever to dry out. I still need to either find my stiffener or buy a new bottle. A new bottle would be good...not sure how long I've had the other one. Years.

I got stumped trying to do the Tatmeister's wide picot. I thought I had it figured out but every time I tried to close the ring, it only closed the loop, not the original ring. So I emailed Dan...hope to hear back soon.

I finished ONE of 4 cards I'm making. They're all the same - and figuring out what to tat for each segment was the hard part. Next time I will skip the pot on the left. It's really fun...just tedious. And I have glue all over my fingers. I need to find a nicer way of gluing so that it isn't so in-your-face. We had tornado warnings tonight and the sirens were going off and I kept checking the radio and computer. I figured as long as there were crickets chirping and cicadas singing then all was well.


  1. The brooch is beautiful! What thread did you use? I really like your cards too! We're too far out to hear the tornado sirens, but the wind sure was kicking up and the lightning put on quite a show!

  2. Your cards are lovely! The recipients will be most fortunate.

  3. I love the brooch and the cards. You have lots of patience! How many cards are you making? I have an old brooch of my grandmother's that I want to tat around, but haven't figured out what to do yet. I might have to put out a cry for ideas!

  4. The thread was size 70/80. I have Star, DMC, and Venus and it was some of all of those.

    I love making jewelry out of old costume jewelry or buttons combined with tatting but hardly ever sit down and do it.

    I'm working on another card at the moment and thought I'd put up a "tutorial" about it rather than showing bits and pieces as I go along this time. Unless it doesn't turn out. LOL!

    Thank you all for your comments!
    :-) Gina


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