Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Last night I met with guild members for tatting. Since I'm helping everyone, I don't tat anything that requires much focus. In fact, I just emptied shuttles and made the 2 brownish flowers and the butterfly. After I got home, I tried to tat some florals for some cards but someone called and I find it very difficult to cradle the phone between my head and shoulder and tat at the same time, to say nothing of talking and trying to pay attention to a pattern. So....not much done.

Tonight, I took a nap since I got up extra early to make it to an early inspection. I still tatted - after I put everything back into the storage bin I was going through at the weekend. I just got tired of everything on the floor and I couldn't remember which pile was for what. I did keep out a few printouts to play with. One was Beth Zipay's TatChat Shuttle which I printed out almost exactly 9 years ago. 10/19/98 - a year after I learned to tat. I don't know what prompted the design but I think there was some kind of challenge or exchange behind it. I remember seeing a few patterns that were labeled "shuttle" and were shuttle-shaped.

So I tatted this one tonight but I used a SCMR at the 2nd end because I was trying to get the same effect as the 1st end which started with a tiny chain and tiny split ring. I know it was supposed to look like the pick on a shuttle....I see now that I should have eliminated the chain and just done a small ring. Maybe next time. I also wanted this to back a button, a shank button, so I tatted it in. It's on the blocking board now, drying with stiffener.

Funny thing, I've been talking about the 1975 Maple Leaf in Workbasket and that Workbasket was in that storage bin. In this version, like Tammy's, the rings are all the same and the chains are all the same, so the early Workbasket version is different.

BTW, I'm amazed that Beth's pattern is still online at the very same location! I'll show the finished one next entry. I could take the hairdryer to it but I shoulda gone to bed 20 minutes ago!

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  1. I love your little brownish flowers! ... and the butterfly!


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