Sunday, October 28, 2007

Life is very busy right now. After next weekend I'll be in FL for 2 weeks and I'm not sure how much posting I'll get to do.

Yesterday I went to the Greenfield Tat Guild, the 1st time in months and the last time for the year. I don't have it done yet, but I was tatting Kaye's project for Hector, NY tatting guild next year. I'll have to find out if early publicity is desired once I get it done. You'll love it!

Shortly after we got started, Ruth Perry, aka Rozella Linden, showed up. A day trip with a friend...and she joined us, finishing up another Mr. Clank while there. He is every bit as clever as he looks on her blog. She also showed a picture of a bat she has in mind next. You'll love that one too. As an added surprise, she gifted my lace guild, Lafayette Lacers, with a copy of her latest book! You can be sure I'll tat a few goodies out of it before I hand it over to the library. Actually, I won't see the Keeper of the Lending Closet for awhile, but I'll be sure to let the group know it is available. Thank you Ruth!

These are a couple of blossoms inspired by Tatting Collage by Lindsay Rogers. I was emptying some shuttles and found the's a center ring with long and short picots with chains making the petals afterwards. The chains were 35 stitches long....I shortened it considerably, mostly because I didn't have that much thread left on the shuttles and I didn't want to tat such huge petals either. A few picots on the petals might be nice too.

A coworker was showing me a Chinese knotting technique she learned at a craft fair she was at last weekend which prompted me to get out my book of Chinese Knotting when I happened across a spool of cord this weekend. These are two very simple knots. When I tried one that was a bit more sophisticated.....I gave up. I think it was simply too late for my brain to function that precisely. Maybe on another day.

Today I've been going through a bookcase, trying to sort it's largely cookbooks. Why can't I get myself to part with them? I gave away a dozen or so several years ago...only to find the remainders multiplied when I turned my back. I have a few set aside for my son and I haven't been through all of them yet. I do have a box full of other books to dispose of though. I'll offer to a few friends first and then off to the library's book fair. Not a single tatting one though.

Speaking of tatting books, while I was at tatting guild, my sister called from a used bookstore telling me about 6 tatting books she had in hand and did I want them. I had 3 and the other 3 I wasn't sure about so said, "Get them!". I know one of them is Rosemary Peel's that is out of print but online. (Tat 5?) I'm looking forward to getting them in hand!


  1. Good luck with your sorting! I keep trying, but I just seem to shift my collections from one spot to another. I have a sampler pattern that I've been meaning to cross stitch for about 20 years... My collection of cookbooks is greater than my cooking. I think I could substitute many different terms for cookbooks and cooking! How about you?

  2. I rarely cook more than a salad and a broiled something or other these days so why do I have all this stuff???? Because it just looks so yummy!

    I do eventually do something with the thread and the beads and gadgets and the fabric and the yarn.

    :-))) Gina


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