Monday, October 22, 2007

Bette sent me the link to a beader recently and I found this goddess bead made by Sheila Morley. You can get to her blog and several places where she sells her beads from this link.

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Facts, just the facts, ma'am!
1. I was barely a month past 18 when I got married, a mother at 20 and widowed at 25.
2. I taught myself to knit and made my first sweater when I was 13, which I then sold to a neighbor for $5 because I didn't like it anymore.
3. There is full-blooded Cherokee in my background, as well as English, Irish, German and Dutch blood.
4. I know how to drive a stick-shift and once had a small pickup truck for 3 years, which I loved driving.
5. I have an online metaphysical group with which I sometimes do online meditations, remote views, dream interpretation, and color therapy.
6. My cousin pierced my ears when I was 16 with an ice cube and a needle.
7. My favorite dog was an Irish Setter named Foxy.

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Speaking of knitting, last night I knit this bootie for my friend Paula's first granddaughter, Brenna. I was going to knit the 2nd one tonight but didn't get home til nearly 9:00 p.m. and I've been on here since I got home. It's a sweet Mary Jane pattern but there is another one that I want to make even more that has the straps crossed. I knit this pattern from here but the one I want to make is from Saartje Knits.

So now, I'm going to at least cast on and knit a few beginning rows before I go to bed.

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  1. Mission accomplished, hehehe.


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