Friday, March 07, 2008

March Challenge

You might as well get in on the fun! No photo until the 15th.

March Mystery Motifs

#1 Square medallion
1. A ring of 6 double knots, picot, (3 double knots, picot) 4
times, 6 double knots, close;
2. a 2d ring of 6 double knots, join to 5th picot of 1st ring,
(3 double knots, picot) 5 times, 6 double knots, close;
3. a 3d ring like 1st, joining as before, completing a
4. a chain of 7 double knots;
5. a ring of 5 double knots, join to last picot of 3d ring of
cloverleaf, ( 3 double knots, picot) twice, 5 double knots, close;
6. chain of 5 double knots
7. ring of 5 double knots, long picot, 5 double knots, close;
8. chain of 5 double knots
9. ring of 5 double knots, join to 3d picot of ring following
the cloverleaf, (3 double knots, picot) twice. 5 double knots, close;
10. chain of 7 double knots
11. then again the cloverleaf, joining at 1st picot of 1st ring
to last picot of preceding ring
12. Repeat, joining last ring to 1st, and last chain at base of
1st ring; fasten off securely.

#2 Triangle medallion
1. Make the triangular medallion in the same way until you have
finished the ring following 7 double knots;
2. then make a chain of 3 double knots, instead of 5 double
knots, the tiny ring with long picot, 3 double knots, and continue as
3. The tiny rings at center of both medallions are all joined to
the long picot of 1st ring.

The remainder of the instructions tell how to use the two medallions
together in a border.


  1. I am trying the challenge! I am stuck on #11...not quite sure how to interpret it. LOL, I am such a visual person...this is an extra interesting challenge!

  2. I'll give you a clue - there is a place where the term "shoelace trick" would be helpful or if you were using 2 shuttles instead of a ball and shuttle, you could say "switch shuttles". Also, if you read to the end after the triangle motif, it tells you what to do with the long picot in step #7.

    :-)) Gina


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