Monday, March 10, 2008

This edging was actually made to frame something else but I couldn't find a satisfactory way to attach it so it has become a photo frame. It's in a little frame now but I scanned it before I got that far. It's size 60 or 70 tatting thread. It turned out quite nicely...just not for what I wanted!

Another little angel. These don't take very long and less than 2 yards on each shuttle leaves thread to spare.

The angel was the only tatting I did this weekend. My son visited on Saturday, along with his new puppy, a black Lab, and then I visited other friends that evening. On Sunday, I visited my son again, but at his house in Noblesville. After lunch with him, his fiance, and her parents & brother, we went around looking at places for the rehearsal dinner. I suspect a second job will soon be in order for me for awhile. If I ever get married again, it will be a tiny private thing. I'm not against big weddings...been there, done that - don't care to do it again. But my kids should have whatever they want and I think this will be fun.

I had hoped to clean out some storage tubs but didn't have time. I'm making it a point to do that evenings this week though. I purposely have them set around in my way. LOL!


  1. I really love this little angel! I plan on tatting one soon! I really like the frame too!

  2. Love your sherbet angel!


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