Friday, July 25, 2008

I was aware of Sharon Boggon from reading about her on CQMagOnline, which came out with a new issue yesterday, btw, but had not accessed her blog until last night through another link. She has a little something going on, called TIF - Taking it Further.

At first, I got all excited and wanted to join in and tried to find a way to get in on the next wave or however it worked. When you aren't familiar with someone's blog, it can take awhile to figure things out. Sometimes that is the drawback of a blog. I looked for a link connected to that one particular activity. I looked for an email. Finally I just posted a comment. That happens to be her preference. For many people, connecting the writer to a specific event on an entirely different post would have very easily have gotten lost in the shuffle of comments. But she picked up on it right away. She just organizes things differently, in a way that works for her. Maybe that's why she is sought after as a teacher.

Since I've slept on it now, I think I can just follow the guidelines in her blog without any "formal" joining in.

And so this begins an essay into my thoughts on blogs these days.

Well..maybe not. LOL! I'm staying with friends tonight and will be gone most of tomorrow....maybe on another day.

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