Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July Mystery Motif Revealed!

Tatted Curtain Pulls
(July Mystery Motif) July 1927 Needlecraft Magazine, by Clara Haase
Adapted by Regina A. Brummett

No. 1
Shuttle and ball

R 6-2-6-2-6-2-6-2, clr, mp (8 picots total in sets of 2)

Ch 5-5, j to same p, j in next p, 5 j p at top of prev ch loop, 5, j in same p where last ch started (petal formed), 4 – 4, j in next ch p; repeat around to last ch 4-4 Last 4-4 ch may be split chain 4/4 which bridges to next round. If not using a split chain, simply join last ch to 1st p and fasten off.

If split chain was NOT used to bridge to this round, then join thread to picot of ch

Ch 5-5, j to p at top of petal, 5-5, j to next ch p of preceding round; repeat round to last ch 5-5. To bridge to next round, make split chain 5/5. If not making a split chain, join to 1st p and fasten off.

If split chain was NOT used to bridge to this round, then join thread to last p of last ch

Ch 7 – (5 - ) 13 times or desired length. Put paperclip on thread and turn. Ch 5, j to p opposite and repeat to end of length, ch 7, j in p of next ch on medallion, fasten off and hide ends.

Attach a tassel to the picot between 2 chains. [at bottom of medallion

No. 2

R 2-2-2-2-2-2, clr, mp (6 p total)

Ch 6-6, j same p where started, 6, j to p of last ch, 6, j to next p of r, 1-1, j to next p of r; repeat around. Fasten off.

Join thread to top of petal, * ch (7-) twice, 6, j to p of ch between petals, 6, j last p of prev ch, 7-7, j top of next petal; repeat from * once, ch 7-13, j to p of ch between petals, split chain 13/7 (or ch 13-7 and join in p of beg of rnd)

If you did NOT use a split chain to bridge to this round, join in last p of last ch.
Ch 10 – (3-) for desired length, hang paperclip and turn, ch 3, j to p opposite, for length of cord, ch 10, j to p of next ch on medallion. Make a tassel and attach to top of petal opposite the cord.

This one is tatted with rayon cord. I was testing the new instructions but did not get a tassle made. I also haven't tested the 2nd motif with the new instructions...literally ran out of time!

Only one person sent me their interpretation, Tara Hamilton. I actually like the way this turned out better.

These are meant to be shade or curtain pulls. You can lengthen the chain part and use it as a curtain tie-back. You could also make it shorter and use it as a fan chain pull on an overhead ceiling fan.


  1. Wow I can't believe I'm the only one who submitted it. A curtain pull that cute. I was thinking of turning mine into a scissors fob. That's for the challenge Gina.


  2. Beautiful, too bad I don't have anything to pull on around here! LOL! Someday they WOULD make great tiebacks what a great idea. I always enjoy your presentations, even if I don't do them I enjoy the info and seeing what gets done.

  3. Tattingchic - I like to think they inspire tatters in other ways too. Tara's version, for instance, would make a beautiful necklace if the "heart" shape could be tatted around wire or beaded or stiffened in such a way to hold its shape. In size 80 thread. Maybe with LOTS of beads. heheeh...I am in the middle of sorting garage sale stuff...I CANNOT abdicate my duties and play...I CANNOT...I CANNOT...

    :-) Gina

  4. Oh, absolutely, Gina. I agree One hundred percent. I am always taking patterns out of my old priscilla books and using a piece or motif here or there for something completely different than what the original pattern called for. I thought that's what these old books were FOR! LOL!


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