Friday, July 18, 2008

Just a very quick post this morning. I've been very busy this week with no time for much of anything, especially blogging. I did get to the Clinton County Fair Monday night, late - after running errands and going to the gym. I pretty much zeroed in on Carol's tatting. I'm so happy for her! She has long deserved these ribbons.

I took photos of all her tatting but don't have time to post it all now. I wanted to tell you how yummy that gingerbread house looked though. The gumdrops are sparkly, just like real sugared gumdrops and I kept wanting to pick them up but I was pretty sure someone would slap my hands for even touching the project.

I was tickled to see this knitted sock monkey too! I have directions for a regular sized crocheted sock monkey but not a knitted one. I thought the maker did an excellent job of it!

One of the things keeping me busy is the gourd class I took last night. The gourd was aready cleaned and prepared, we just did the woodburning and painting. Instructor Deb Remsburg makes beautiful gourds! She did the dremel part on the hair when I went to the bathroom and I wasn't completely happy with it, but she was the teacher so I took her for her expertise. I guess it's just not what I would have done but it's fine. I had to spray-varnish it when I got home and I need to put a few more coats on it. Not sure what I will do with it yet.

Anyway....gotta get ready for work!


  1. I'm so glad Carol won those awards. Yes, she has long deserved them. The monkey is very cute. I'm sure you will find a place of honor for that gourd. You did a beautiful job. I think the hair is fine, but I wouldn't have been happy if someone did that for me while I was in the bathroom! I would want it to be ALL my work.

  2. Gina,

    Your gourd looks fabulous! I do gourd painting as well but have not done that in a couple of months. I've been tatting mostly lately. I really like how her hair turned out.


  3. Congrats to Carol for winning Sweepstakes at the fair. I couldn't tell what the ribbon said, but the project looks well deserving of it.

  4. Tattycat - yes, I think that was it - I wanted it to be all my work. But she is SUCH a nice lady!
    Tara - Thank you - you'll have to post some of your work on your blog!
    Tattingchic - The ribbon is called "Sweepstakes"and is the highest award. Then next one after that is "Reserve Sweepstakes" and is the same size but in pink. After that you have normal sized ribbons in blue, red and white. There is sometimes a big yellow ribbon like the pink and purple for "best of show" and is usually sponsored by a particular group. I know she mentioned getting an award like that too and I wondered if that was the certificate attached to the gingerbread house.

    :-) Gina


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