Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's been a very good day! This morning there were 11 of us present for the lace guild meeting which featured the knit leaf I posted about last time. Afterwards, we all went to Preston's for lunch outside and with great conversation!

Afterwards on my way home, I decided on the spur of the moment to stop in at Trader Buck's Flea Market. There weren't many cars there and not many people inside. I poked around and was about halfway through the store. I'd filled a basket but only because of bulk, not quantity. Then I happened to see some needlecraft magazines on a shelf so I decided to browse a bit. LOL! I hit the jackpot!

I came away with 46 craft magazines including these vintage ones! The collage above is the tatting photos/patterns I found so far. The big flower bouquet was by Mary McCarthy but I didn't recognize any other names or there were none.

This sweet vintage angel was the very first item I picked up to buy. I'm not sure why it appealed to me so much but it's home with me now!

As I said, the day has been great! My first suprise when I got home was my Friendship Puzzle Piece from Pat Winter! Isn't it gorgeous? I need to find the others now and put them all together. I believe there is another exchange coming up when Pat recoups from all that is going on now, so I guess I could go ahead and get started on some. (HA! Like I have time right now!)

I had to show these cool buttons off! I actually got them yesterday ~ well, actually I got a jacket that has them on it but I really bought it for the buttons! Who am I kidding? I may wear the jacket a few times to feel better about buying it.

Another surprise but this was in last night's mail - Jon's book. I don't know when I'll get to it. Maybe not for a few months at the rate I'm going!

Sadly, this is all the further I've gotten on my tatting.

But once again, there is hope that my son will move to the basement this weekend! The painting is done so as long as the floor is dry, we can start moving things in. He is at a recognition dinner tonight so it has to wait until tomorrow..

OH! ONE MORE THING!! It's been a long time since I brought it up so it's doubtful anyone remembers but I mentioned wanting the book, Tatted Lace and Other Handmade Poems, by Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel. It has been out of print for years with only a small publishing to begin with. Ms. McDaniel passed away last year and the agents I contacted told me more than once that the books would be reprinted eventually but none were to be found at the time. They sent me an email today saying it was now available!!!! Yay!!!! I don't know if I'll like the poetry or not but I just wanted to see it. I loved the idea of someone using "tatting" in their poetry.

So now my aching back and my beginning-to-hurt butt need to move from this stool and do something lace related!


  1. Some day I would like to take the time to attend one of your lace guild meetings... I've had so much fun at the last two lace events, that I'm sure I would feel right at home!

    I can't wait to hear more about the tatting book. I do remember you posting about it, and I was inspired to search for a while, but I never did find one. If it is available for sale, I'm sure you'll let us know!

    I need to tat soon! My arm is atrophying from insufficient tat time!

  2. Your lace guild meeting sounds nice. The photos are lovely! I think we have the same color table cloth at our meetings, LOL!
    Have fun with your new books! I've been hitting the jackbpot on eBay this past couple of weeks with some vintage tatting pattern booklets. They've come down a lot in price so they're more reasonable to buy and I've been snatching up all the "buy it now" ones and even won a couple of HERE's to SNATCHING UP vintage needlework books! :)

    The tatted bookmark you are working on is very pretty. The color is very nice, too!

    ~TattingChic ♥

  3. Hi Tatting Chic! Love that little heart after your name in the comment!

    No photos from my lace guild meeting. The photos in the collage were from the magazines I got. It was actually a mess there. Some children's art group had left their projects all around. The facilitator of the group had been told it was okay, that no one would be in the room!

    And the blue tatting isn't a bookmark. It's a bag and I have a very long way to go! LOL! I am now on round two.

  4. I'm not much for angels, but that figurine is too adorable. Maybe it's the sleepy eyes.

    Those vintage books look like something I could kill a few hours looking at. What is that crochet book with what looks like clovers on the cover? That looks like something I would like to make. I'd like to try and find a copy for myself.

    I remember you mentioning the tatted poetry book before. How nice that it's available again! I'm interested in seeing its contents.


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