Friday, September 04, 2009

My pictures are not all that great today but I don't have time to make them better. This is the wristlet bag from Sharon Brigg's "Transitions in Tatting" book which you can find at her website. I tatted mine all in one color but her sample is in two colors.

You can see that the handle is long enough to slip over your hand to your wrist and it will hold a small ball of tatting thread - a ball up to the size of DMC Perle Cotton size 8, 12 or so. It might hold a ball of Altin Basak but it might stretch it out too.

Last week when Jane, Gail and I visited a bead store, they also had these little bags that just fascinated us! They were in two sizes, small and large. The small size being $2.50 and the large was $5.00 each. I got a small one. I had a horrible time picking just ONE. There were so many pretty fabrics. This one is closed.

And now it is open! We were intrigued by the way it closed and opened. Oh pull on two ends and it closes and then you pull on the other two ends and it opens. But the thread stitched through the top band only moved when you closed it. The same threads did not move when you opened it. Finally we figured out that the opening tabs were simply stitched at each end with a short thread. It was still the other threads that actually moved. I probably didn't explain that very well, but they were the cutest bags!

Here's my bag with two shuttles which are currently tatting the next project in Sharon's book, the beaded bag. Hers is in white and pearls, a bridal bag. No upcoming brides that I know of but I think this will go with a special blue dress I have. I've tatted more than you see here and already made a mistake in joining one clover. I continued to tat to the end - will turn the corner tonight and then be working in rounds but before that, I'll cut out the offending ring and fix it. I thought about ignoring it but the further I went, the more it stood out to me!

Well...I plan to get home earlier tonight!


  1. The bags are lovely, the tatted one and of course the one you found in the shop. You can never have enough bags whatever size. Hope Jane did not spend too much and wish I could have been on that shopping trip!

  2. Cute little tatting bag! The blue edging is interesting - and I DO know why you are going to cut out the annoyance! It's not easy being a tatter!

    I am curious to see what you do with the lovely towels - can't go wrong with a Mary Konior pattern!
    : ) Fox

  3. I love those double drawstring bags. I've made several for myself out of quilt fabric scraps.


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