Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Last week my sister and I stopped at Tuesday Morning. It was only Monday but we were at Tuesday. heheheheh

One of my finds was this teapot notepad. It appears to be a product, like the teacups at the left here, of this brand name, Sensuali-Tea. I know there was a website on the packaging but when I try to bring it up, all I get are websites with its products - not the website itself. So google on your own if you like. I don't have time right now!

The tatting underneath is a second version of my lesson 4 motif with the Design Tat group. Someone suggested making it in two colors so I tried it. I think at some point I will try making a small mat with these motifs in size 80 thread.

I don't know that I've ever mentioned it but while I like tea, there are very few "flavors" that I like. I don't like the fruit teas. I do like SPEARMINT flavored tea and SEE - I found a can of Bentley Spearmint tea in silk teabags during my same trip to Tuesday Morning!

I also like Chai (minus the milk) and orange/lemon/spice flavored teas. Not raspberry or blueberry or cherry or pomengrate or vanilla. I'd rather have the real fruit in those cases and vanilla in my sugar cookies. LOL!

This was actually one of the first items I picked up and carried around with me. Two linen towels with two scented butterfly soaps. I couldn't resist!

Here's a closeup of the towel and the soaps. There is a Mary Konior butterfly edging that I want to tat for these towels. Aren't they sweet?

And here's a closeup of the embroidered butterfly. Simple but elegant. I need a house to put them in. (SMILE)

I finished the wristlet bag from Sharon's book last night but it was blocking this morning and still not quite dry. I'll show it in the next post. I'm also starting the beaded bag which is next in her book. I'll also show some of the goodies from my O-Hi-O trip.

And a Tatting Ta-Ta to all!


  1. Wheee! I just love reading your tea-themed posts. This one did not disappoint. You always find a clever new angle for your updates.

    Looking forward to seeing the butterfly towels with tatting on them.

    And...details from your O-Hi-O trip. Yes, please!

  2. I enjoy tea too. I like the mild teas which can include some fruit. I like to reuse the tea bag once or twice which calms the stronger teas down to my liking.

    The butterfly is beautiful.


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