Sunday, September 06, 2009

Tatting Tea Tuesday 9-8-09

The Saturday Evening Post October 22, 1927
Tea Time by Norman Rockwell

You can find directions for a cute knitted tea cozy here:

The other one has embroidery on it. I think some tatted motifs would look just fine, don't you?

I demonstrated tatting at Global Fest on Saturday afternoon. I really didn't get much tatting done. I started the center of one of Martha's teapots but the thread broke a couple of times and there was one woman who talked for the longest time about all kinds of other stuff. People sometimes give you their life history in these situations. LOL! The photo above is Cathy, our current President. Cathy also is the I.O.L.I. librarian, so if you've ever borrowed books from I.O.L.I. as a member, this is who handled your request. Well...for the past many years anyway.

This is Kelli, our current Community Projects person. She is a fabulous lace knitter. She takes care of scheduling our volunteers at events like this. Kelli raises rabbits and also spins yarn. She judges rabbits in faraway places too. Perhaps you've met her and didn't know her connection to us.

This is the shawl and socks Kelli knitted. Ha! Talk about knocking your socks off! There are also some other shawls in more traditional colors which are so very beautiful. I do have a few photos of those but will show another time perhaps.

This is just a small sample of our lace display. Bobbinlace, tatting (recognize the pattern from Tatting Collage?) and hardanger. I have more photos but again, maybe another time.

This is what has been occupying a good portion of my free time. My sons are putting in a new door in the basement. It's in now and the room is painted and the floor has one coat of paint. I think it will need another, time to cure, and then wax. At the moment, I can't even get to my washing machine. ONE MORE WEEK!

It's really hard when we all have busy schedules to find time to do this. The bald son is a caseworker for the local mental health facility and the one who moved in to save up for grad school next year. The other son, the one with the hair, is the one who got married last year and who just celebrated his 28th birthday on Sunday. He was a Labor Day Weekend baby, then and forever. I think his birthday has missed Labor Day weekend only once so far. Anyway, they are great help and money savers. I couldn't afford to hire all this out.

Okay - I'm off to work! And I need to find some tea to drink on the way!


  1. I so enjoy watching the making of bobbin lace. Cute socks, by the way what size are they? :) The framed tatting is lovely and last but not least, its wonderful when you have family that has the know how to do some house maintenance.

  2. Another great post for Tatting Tea Tuesday! Your posts are always fascinating and fun. I just loved seeing all the lace from the Global Fest demo.

    Congratulations on getting the new door in! What wonderful, helpful sons you have.

    As the sound of my washing machine's agitation cycle drowns out everything else, I sit here thinking how nice it would be to be excused from laundry duty for a week. LOL! If you run out of socks, etc. you are welcome to bring them to my house. We'll tat and sip tea while the machine does its work.

  3. Kathy - I don't know what size the socks are but they are Kelli's so I'm sure they are for her feet.
    Isdihara - LOL! Well, I'm running low on towels, but we're good for a few days yet.

  4. I love all that lace! What is "Global Fest"? This group looks similar to our Minnesota Lace Society - way too many lace hobbies for me to be interested in!

    Nice sons you have - definitely better than hiring out that work, I'd much rather hire out the laundry if necessary!


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