Thursday, June 03, 2010

Eliz suggested the body of the butterfly would make a good bookmark. I had just figured out how to tat the body in one pass, by making a split chain where the lower body was originally started and I knew the whole thing wouldn't take all that long so I gave it a whirl. This is another thread I dyed but I think this one must be the "unknown" size 30 cotton. Vintage. 3 ply. Fuzzy. Soft. I didn't like the way the thread itself worked up. When I got back to the beginning, I tatted the same body in the opposite direction since it didn't seem nearly long enough for a bookmark. In the end, it's not a bookmark I like, but I do think it is more masculine than most I see. I got fed up with the thread and tatted it rather poorly. I also think the design needs some tweaking to turn out really nicely. If anyone wants the directions for this part, please email me privately. I won't be able to send them until after the weekend though. I'm leaving for some training tonight and won't be back until Saturday evening. I need to make a few minor corrections on the pattern that I initially wrote up too.

My mind must be elsewhere lately. This is a motif from a Vida Sunderman book which should be the same at both ends. When I finished the clover at the second end and was almost finished, I realized I'd left out a ring segment. It was late and I had no specific purpose for this motif so I just finished it off as is. It sort of reminds me of a Christmas bulb ornament. With a tail, it would make a nice bookmark. The thread was some size 16 Finca which is finer than size 12 perle cotton but very similar in sheen and twist.

Pat Winter had a link on her blog to Crafty Storage, a blog about storage methods. I dunno....I think they are way too organized there for me. LOL! I've noticed most of them have see-through containers. I have some, but most are not.'s like Christmas all over again when you open them up! heheheheh....I love rediscovering my stash. Sometimes I feel a little dismay at having forgotten something but I also love the re-inspiration. I need to go through my boxes. And I do need to reorganize. My "studio" is the one room I haven't touched in over a year. I've been busy sorting stuff from the basement and closets but this room has become a catch-all and I can't find things I need to find.

I really can't have some stuff out in the open. It gets dusty. Cats tend to climb and nosy into places they shouldn't. Then things get dumped and lumped together. Hmmm...maybe I should schedule some vacation SOON!


  1. I vote for the see-through bins! I think they are wonderful.

    Love that pink one and I did not see the error.

    It is very pretty and would be a great bookmark if you added a tail.

    Great colour. I have not tried that thread and have always been intrigued by it. It looks well on the screen.
    Fox : )

  2. Cats also love to play with balls and spread hair over everything they touch. I agree its fun to discover things again.
    The butterfly-bookmark looks like it would be a good bracelet.

  3. Love the Sunderman motif and you are right, it does look a bit like a Christmas Light.

  4. I see you're back to some heavy-duty posting again! Wow! Difficult to keep up!

    I was glad to read that your storage room is still not organized. I don't feel so bad now. I do like the see-through containers, though.

    I'm glad you mentioned Mary McCarthy. Is she still a member of the Shuttlebirds? Her tatting seemed to be everywhere in needlework publications during the 1990s, and she started the KNOTS newsletter (which I wasn't aware of until recently). But she doesn't seem to have a blog or web site. Do you have any information about her or how one could contact her?

    I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that I didn't recognize Wilma Walker's name but became aware of her in Isdihara's May 30 blog post (25 Motif Challenge). Isdihara kindly linked to a video of an interview with Wilma that Ruth Perry put on Youtube! The easiest way I know for you to view the video is to go to Isdihara's blogpost of May 30.

    In this new digital age, it would be wonderful to capture videos of other 'older' tatting designers who are still around, even though they may no longer be actively tatting. I'm still trying to find even a photo of Mary Konior and some background information on her! So the video of Wilma Walker is quite special.

    Your discussion and explanation of the butterfly pattern is amazing. Your blog, as always, is excellent.

  5. Your tatting is just so beautiful. I love that pink motif! I have to get my hands on that book; I'd love to make it.
    I have to ask: is it supposed to be a TATTING SHUTTLE? It certainly looks like one...wouldn't it be a sweet addition to anyone's repertoire?

  6. When I first saw the picture of the bookmark, I assumed it was a bracelet. I think that in shape, it makes a lovely bracelet, though of course I don't know how big it is.

  7. I really enjoy your tatting, especially the pink motif. The color is great--of course, I'm partial to pink and all those pastel colors for the moment.

  8. Leanna, the name of the motif was "oval frame" but it looks like the shuttle shaped motifs I've seen before.

    Fox - I do have a lot of see through bins but there are plenty that are not see-through also!


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