Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Some days just aren't meant for needlework of any kind. Last night wasn't my best of nights to begin with and I started it off with a nap. That should fix everything, huh? LOL!

Someone had asked for the bookmark pattern and I finally remembered to marry the original and my corrections except I couldn't understand my own corrections! I'll have to retat and see what I meant so I set that aside for another time.

At some point I'd found the Asian button templates I bought while in Australia back in 2005. Wow...was it really that long ago? I decided to make the teardrop shaped one and these are the results. It took me several times to get the hang of it and it's very doubtful I'll make another. You have to glue or stitch down the ends on the back. That pretty much ruined it for me. I glued mine and even after that and scanning, I pulled on the top loop and it distorted the shape so they're very fragile once complete. I didn't expect that. I thought they would be tight. The other one is the round shape. I don't think I'll even try it. I got it out after this one last night but didn't feel inspired to pursue it. I'm not sure what I'll do with them now. Might see if my grandsons want to work them.

Here's my other sad attempt at being creative. This is the "Elegant Heart" from Mark Myers which is also the top part of his "Wintery Tree", the motif I really wanted to tat. I've attempted this several times too but I'm real close to figuring it out now! I don't know if I'm reading the text wrong or what but I'm better off ignoring the written part and following the diagram. I still tried to do both but you can see it didn't quite work out. I'm going to try it again but this time I'll start at the point and I'll make sure my rings are the same on both sides of the heart. Mark is very good at this sort of tatting but it requires borrowing Jane's brain cell #3 for me. (now she knows where it slips off to now and then!) I just love that tree and I'm going to tat it come hell or high water! Once I do, I think I should be awarded an honorary "masters" in tatting!

Ah well...this evening I'm going to rework the bookmark and hopefully clean off the top of a chest of drawers that embarrasses me every time I pick jewelry to wear off of it. It has been neglected for far far too long!

Almost forgot - I wanted to mention that I only show 25 links to blogs on my sidebar but you can click on the bottom to see them all. The reason I mention this is that the most recently updated will always show up, but there are some that are actually websites or for some reason don't have a feed that shows them updated. Mark's pattern and technique website is like this. You'll have to click on the list and go way down to the bottom to find it on another day. I have it linked to my mention of his patterns today but if you want to find it in the future, you'll need to find it on the list. You might discover some other interesting people if you do that too.


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