Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday 6-22-10

I was updating my wish list on half.com and decided to check the price of a book on Amazon while I was thinking of it. While there, I saw this title by Lyn Morton. Hmmm....we haven't heard much from Lyn on this side of the pond for a l-o-o-o-o-n-g time. And then I see it isn't even released yet but you can preorder from here with a nice savings. So, consider this a heads up if you didn't already know. Looks like there will be several new books making an appearance this fall!

Martha Ess, Marilee Rockley, Sharon Briggs, and I'm sure there are more.......better start putting your $$ away for them right now!

Me...I have no room on my bookshelves. In fact, I have piles of books sitting on the floor and in a box and a closet shelf. This is after getting rid of 2 boxes of books last winter. I was thinking today....what if I put bookshelves all across one wall, floor to ceiling, in the spare bedroom? Then I could get rid of all the other smaller bookshelves. I'm sure that would work! Don't you think????

Well..the tatting was yesterday but I drank tea today AND yesterday so that should count, right? I tend to alternate flavoring my tea with spearmint and with orange/spice or chai, but when it's really hot like it's been lately, just plain ordinary iced tea is the best! One day I added a ginger flavored bag and that was perfect too.

When I started this post I figured I would mix tea, tatting, and books altogether. I'm more than halfway through The Lace Reader. It's just about perfect for me right now. It's holding my interest but not so deep that my brain hurts in trying to follow it. I think there will be a little twist or turn in the mystery, just enough to be satisfying. I guess it's a nice escape. I have plenty of thought-provoking books so reading something just for entertainment is a nice change of pace. I was reading a biography about Lillian Gish before this (still reading it....slow) but it isn't as entertaining as I thought it would be.

I'm playing with some vintage motifs that I'm tatting from a publication I printed from the Antique Pattern Library. I think I printed this one out before. It has several motifs I want to tat. It's intriguing that they are throwing rings off of chains although they don't call it that. They use two shuttles and specify using the right hand or left hand shuttle. They don't say to make a chain though. You sort of have to figure that if they aren't making a ring, then it must be a chain. LOL! Last night I tried to convert one into something that could be tatted all in one pass but I can tell it will be disjointed. It will have to be in two rounds but that is still less than the way it is described. I managed to make the first motif all in one pass without having to cut and tie. The original was done in four rounds and you had to cut & tie after each round. The pictures are very clear which helps tremendously.

Well....better post this while it's still Tuesday!


  1. Just to let you know that Lyn's book came out just before last Christmas - and another too which I can't remember!!!! Here's her own site link.

  2. It is interesting that you should mention the book by Lyn Morton. I asked may daughter, who is in England, to get it for me from Amazon.co.uk to take advantage of the free delivery in UK. She e-mailed me two days back to say that the book was delivered to her. Now to wait for her to come back in a few months time before I can lay my hands on it.

    BTW, the price in Pound Sterling is about the same as in USD.

  3. hi gina, lyns book is out, if you go to her web page tatting and design you will not have to wait. if you ask nicely she will sign it for you. she also has another new book out. i have both and love the patterns.

  4. If I could get away with it, I would have bookcases lining every wall of my house! Think of the wonderful insulating properties... and, I'd never have to get rid of any books that I might get to reading some day... ah, a girl can dream, can't she? ; )

  5. I have this book. I pre-ordered it on Amazon too, then a friend had it already, so I canceled the pre order and ordered it where she got hers.
    I don't know why Amazon is saying that?

  6. You and I seem to be on a similar track of thinking! I also have tried to figure out how I could have a wall of bookshelves so I could put ALL my books in view, on all subjects - instead of hiding them away here and there!

    I would love to have ALL these new tatting books! I'm totally in awe of those who are able to self-publish and have mastered the software to do so! No more waiting for publishers to determine what 'they' think we should see! What a wonderful era we are living in!


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