Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Eye Candy!

Last evening I was going through some more of my needleart magazine collection. I've always wanted to sew heirloom clothing, especially christening gowns, so I've managed to acquire a nice collection of stitching magazines through the years. I've noticed tatting is often used as an edging on many of these gowns and little girl dresses. One I looked at was Sew Beautiful, issue #74, 2001, a Martha Pullen publication featuring heirloom sewing. I was intrigued by one article about the use of a technique known as "shaped tatting". It is made with purchased tatting -mostly edgings with a crocheted beading or header which is left in place when stitched as an insertion. This particular article describes shaped tatting. The beading is removed and then the edging is shaped on netting, but can be on fabric too. It is pinned in place and then hand stitched at picots and other major points. There were diagrams showing how to place so that you would get the results shown below.

This is the dress in its entirety. Many of the projects in these magazines have a tear out pattern included as an insert.

Remember this is an edging, not a motif, that has been stitched into a specific shape.

Same here. Then silk ribbon embroidery and beads were added to embellish it and make it look like a butterfly. In a way, it seems like a lot of trouble but if you don't know how to tat, it's another option.

I was thrifting yesterday during my lunch hour. I found this remnant of fabric which I was prompted to buy in case I decide to make something for little Ellie. Cost = 75¢

I also found this beaded angel ornie which I bought for the beads! Cost = 50¢

And I spied this pretty vintage bag, also for 50¢! It opens up into a long strip with three pockets. I have no idea what I will do with it but I couldn't pass it up!

Nope...I didn't buy this beautiful shuttle. I've been watching it on Ebay, one of Rosita's, but the bidding was beyond my means as I knew it would be. Sometimes a photo is just as good though.

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy today!


  1. WOW! My eyes are popping from all this candy! You thrifted some nice things there. That's a pretty shuttle too. I don't think I want to know what it is going for.

    I LOVE the idea of shaping a tatted edging! That is awesome and I can see doing that on one of Baby Doll's dresses. I took a French sewing class almost ten years ago. I have been thinking that I should pull out my notebook and see how much I can remember. I'm wanting to do SOME of the techniques you see in heirloom sewing, but with play clothes kind of fabrics.

    Ellie is the best eye candy of all - she is ADORABLE! They are such cuddle muffins at that age. Love those baby doll socks!

  2. Sweet Ellie! Seeing her makes me miss the times when my children are smaller.

    Wow, the shuttle looks like a tasty tart!

    And a VERY BIG THANK YOU for all the goodies you have sent, Gina!

  3. What a fun day you had. Ellie is adorable! I see a fairy princess dress evolving....
    Thanks for the congrats and for visiting my blog. The post published before I was finished,LOL. Have a great day!


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