Sunday, June 20, 2010

No tatting!

But I've been very busy with other things. I've scheduled several Friday/Monday vacation days over the summer and this was the first. I mostly prepared for a bobbinlace class I took yesterday at the L.A.C.E. guild in IL. While I was there, I learned one of the new beginners had just taught herself to tat! I remember her first name was Dawn, so hopefully we'll be seeing a blog from her in months to come.

You can see the results of that workshop as well as some embroidery I'm working on at my lace blog.

I love having days off! I get my energy back and actually get something done. This morning I cleaned off a little corner of my computer desk. Found all kinds of things under the piles!

I was in JoAnn fabrics last night to get some interfacing for the embroidered bag that is in the lace blog. Buttons were 50% off but I didn't get any. I just bought some not long ago and didn't want to duplicate what I had. I'm also making a strong effort to use up all the wonderful stuff I already have. What I don't have will go in an etsy shop yet to be created. I've been a member for ages but always to buy, not sell.

OH - I bought some beautiful hand dyed silk/wool yarn from Yarnplayer and it arrived the other day. It's in the "Garden Afternoon" colorway and it's all I can do to keep from starting yet another project! Another reason not to buy buttons too. LOL!

Lace knitting has been on my agenda for a long time and I've done a few very small projects. Well, actually, years and years ago (thinking of niece who is over 30 now!) I used to knit little "smock" tops that had eyelet designs in the yoke. And I forgot I made my daughter a gorgeous sweater in her senior year that had a beautiful eyelet design all over. It was lost in a fire. I forgot all about those! Anyway, I want to knit a summer shawl from this yarn ( I got more than 1 skein!) and we have a very accomplished lace knitter in our guild whom I'm sure I can go to for help. Just need to decide on a pattern.

Happy Father's Day to all my family dads and my friends who are dads. Dads are every bit as needed and special as moms. Both of my parents have been gone since before I was 40, too early for their time, so enjoy those whom you are blessed to have in your life.


  1. That is BEAUTIFUL yarn! I have a subscription to Piecework and enjoy looking at the lace knitting they show. It is so fine and delicate.

    Glad you had a nice weekend!

    :) Ann

  2. I love Friday/Monday vacations. I find them very energizing. That laceweight yarn is gorgeous. Can't wait to see the pattern you're knitting. I'm still trying to learn to knit. It's the one thing I just can't get! Although, just the other day I did finally figure out how to knit the foundation row onto the needles. Maybe I'm on to something...

  3. So glad you are enjoying the free time! You deserve it!
    Fox : )

  4. The yarn is absolutely gorgeous. I would be unable to leave it untouched I'm afraid.


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