Sunday, February 20, 2011

I recently purchased a publication offered by Pat Winters about CQ embroidery. I bought it partly to support Pat's venture and partly to see how the resource worked. I've seen a few online publishing businesses and haven't been drawn to any one yet. I have ideas in the back of my head and we'll just leave it at that, but I did want to see how this one performed.

While I was browsing the site, I ran across this intriguing wraparound glove pattern!

Found HERE!

Yeah, probably more knitting than I want to do but I love the idea of it so I bought it too. Both publications arrived on the same day, in a clear plastic wrapper like many magazines come in. I got email notices that the publications had been printed and were on their way so communication was good. I like that. BTW, our own Umintsuru is featured on one page in Pat's magazine so if you're into crazy quilting, go get it! No patterns or anything but it's always nice to see a tatter's name in print.

I tatted a few more flutters last night and will be leaving soon to round up packaging for the Blogaversary winners. I've got a cat sleeping on the floor under my desk who is wheezing as much as I am. I thought he was over that so it looks like we both might be visiting the doctor this week. Different doctors, of course. I do feel better but the cough and wheeze is still there. I felt good enough last night to do laundry and put away the beads and thread I'm no longer using. I need to wind bobbins for the next bookmark pattern. Following Karen's progress on Contemporary Embroidery has me itching to get back to my sampler pillow-to-be. Then I saw a teneriffe doily on Jenny's Australian Needleart that I loved as well as the mat she just finished.

There is always a lull after the Christmas holidays as everyone recoups. Even those who plan ahead and have lovely projects to dive into are often set aside until we get our bearings again. Suddenly I'm seeing lots of new inspiration and wonder how I can possibly ever do it all in this lifetime? Oh...and I need to get started on the next figure of Plate I in my 25 motif challenge!

And Happy Birthday to my Little Sister!


  1. Happy birthday, Gina's Little Sister! I think I met you in Downers Grove at a lace event a couple of years ago. Maybe I'll get to see you again some day.

    I also ordered Pat's magazine. It's very nicely done, and I did notice Umintsuru! I've been meaning to tat some dragonflies... another thing I just haven't gotten around to doing!

    I'm intrigued by those gloves, but I'm not sure they're something I'd ever try to make. Please let us know how they work up!

  2. I'm still waiting for my hard copy of Pat's mag to arrive! Love your butterflies from the post below.
    I haven't been able to blog hop for days since we lost hydro in the storm, and then the satellite connection wasn't working. Grrr!

  3. Yup - that's your little sister - no doubt about it!

    There is a lot of knitting in those hand warmers - good luck! Better you than me!
    Fox : ))

  4. Happy Birthday, Gina's Little Sister.

  5. hope you (and the cat) are both feeling better. Thanks for the link. I love those gloves. I have a ''thing'' for gloves, got so many pairs but none of them are practical. No fingers, pomn poms hanging off that get wrapped around everything. I buy them for the look not the warmth!!


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