Saturday, February 19, 2011

You know Spring is almost here when I start tatting butterflies! (or it's the early onset of Spring Fever)

The top row is a pattern by Mary McCarthy and appeared in the August, 1990 edition of Workbasket Magazine. When I learned to tat and entered my first butterfly exchange, this is the pattern I used. I love it as much today as I did then. Do you see that jewel colored one in the top middle? That is Merrilee's Stardate and I just love that colorway!

The second row is another flutter favorite. Rosemarie Peel used to have it on her website but I just checked and it isn't there. The site is still under construction so maybe it will show up later. I'm tellin' ya, you better grab a pattern when you see it because they have a tendency to disappear over time.

Both patterns only take about 1 1/2 yards on the shuttle because there aren't that many rings involved. I ended up changing the length of the picots slightly on Rosemarie's pattern but I suspect that has to do with each person's tension and spacing. I added a few more stitches on the ending chains too and that was personal preference. I may change them back next time.

I've been sick this week with whatever that cruddy cold virus that is going around is. I slept all afternoon, waking up drenched in sweat. While I feel better right now, I remember I did that a few days ago and before half a day was gone, I felt bad again. So I'm crossing my fingers and laying low. For my blogaversary winners, I haven't forgotten you. I had hoped to send it all out today but it didn't happen. The mail won't go again until Tuesday so hopefully I'll be emailing you all to tell you it's "on the way"! I should have made St. Paddy's bags or Spring bags instead of hearts. Oh'll remember the date!


  1. Beautiful butterflies!!! May your spring be blessed! :)

  2. Love that Rosemarie Peel butterfly... Reminds me of Wendy's dragonfly.

    Ah yes - hints of spring... I could swear I heard a robin the other day and my sister says I probably did, but he was probably one of the deranged feather souls who chose to stay for the winter. Poor thing!

    Hope you are feeling better,
    Fox : )

  3. ♥♥♥♥, beautiful.

  4. Wonderful butterflies, lovely colours, I especially love the second row, too bad the pattern isn't there anymore...

  5. Pretty Butteflies

  6. Anonymous8:34 AM

    So sorry to hear you're sick!! I hope you get better soon!!!

    The butterflies are pretty!!

    If Rosemary Peel's pattern is free, and you happen to have a copy - maybe she wouldn't mind if you offered it on your blog?? Just an idea

    *big cheesy grin*

  7. I sure hope you get over the creeping crud quickly - it's horrible to be sick. I think I have both Rosemary's pattern and the workbasket patterns (have them going back to the early 50's). And, as nice as the weather is here this weekend, butterflies do seem to be in order. Your blog is such an inspiration!

  8. Well, we're supposed to get snow tomorrow so I don't know how near or far spring may be, but the butterflies are lovely :-)


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