Friday, February 04, 2011

Last night was a restful night once I got myself unstuck. When I got home, I drove all the way down the lane as I knew my son needed to get in too later. As I tried to turn and maneuver in the lot, I got in some deep stuff and couldn't move so I decided to walk up and get the mail. Besides, I'd seen someone plowing out a neighbor's drive. I walked over and got his attention and asked if he would take a swipe at my drive. Turns out he is a former neighbor, brother of the person he was cleaning the drive out for, and had only moved a bit down the road.

So I went back to my car and shoveled around the tires, getting myself out just about the time he came down the lane. After he got one side of the lot, he had me move over and then scooped the other side so my son could park up closer to the house too. Wasn't that nice? I did pay him for his gas but would've paid him more if he'd taken it.

At work I'd been to a few campus appointments in other buildings which meant I had to bundle up in my ten pound long wool coat and boots and carry my work bag and walk to my destination in the freezing brittle cold. It's amazing how much it wears you out doing that, so I wasn't in the mood to do much when I got home. I decided to crochet a couple more blossoms. The one I made for the vintage pattern was only the first round. I didn't need it any bigger but I went ahead and finished the rest of the pattern on these. They will probably go on a rock cozy before too long.

It did give me an idea for a tatted flower. We'll see if I have time to pursue it.


  1. I can't wait to see your tatted flowers!

  2. The crocheted flowers are so pretty, I'm looking forward to your tatted ones. I really like the colors of the one on the right; what thread is that?

    All these flowers, you must be longing for spring as much as I am! It's downright frigid here-- record low temps all week-- and on top of it we've all been asked to turn our thermostats down due to a natural gas shortage. Brrr! At least our snow is all gone, though. It sure was nice of that guy to plow your driveway for you!

  3. Gina, those are very pretty crocheted flowers. Where did you get the pattern. I crochet flowers a lot.

  4. Miranda, the thread on the right was the result of some I dyed in Pat Winter's class last May. She sent the dye home with us but by the time I got to it again, I didn't know what color was what. I ended up with a lot of this thread colorway, differing only a little from one skein to another.

    Icela - the pattern is one I got online, a freebie, not long ago. Unfortunately, the url did not print out with the pattern. I'd been googling for Irish crochet roses. It does say "Free Craft Project" at the top if that helps.

    If you like crochet, you can see a little basket I crocheted on my lace blog (link under my photo) which is sweet.

  5. thank goodness for good neighbours, especially in heavy snow!! your flowers are really pretty and even though you were exhausted you produced!! which is great!


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