Thursday, February 17, 2011


heheheheeh...Tativor! That was my confirmation word on a comment I left to someone from OWOH. I couldn't help but think, how appropriate! I'm a TATIVOR! I literally consume tatting! I think Tatman should come up with a cartoon rendition of a Tativor - I guess it needs an "e" - Tativore!

Just a quickie note. The OWOH event goes through today. Some people have closed early but it depends where you are in the world as to what day it is AND it's always an option to end a bit early. I will announce OWOH winners tomorrow morning since I'm not staying up until midnight to draw.


  1. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Cute post, Gina!

    I can just imagine this Tatting-Eating Dinosaur..

    Will be interesting to see if/what Tatman comes up with

  2. Love, love, love it! Ratified with big teeth, I am!

  3. That should be the name for every "tatting crazy" person who eats, sleeps and breathes tatting! "Tativor Goddess"

  4. This made me smile. A great word indeed.


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