Monday, February 21, 2011

I wasn't going to post tonight. I felt well enough to go to work today but it was very tiring and one of those little-bumps-in-the-road-all-day-long. I actually intended to be in bed NOW but I guess it will wait a few minutes.

During my lunch today I started crocheting a flower from a book I found in the library, Crochet Bouquet by Suzann Thompson. Everything in the book is crocheted in yarn, but I prefer thread so the scale ends up very differently.

This one is called "Topsy Turvy Flower" but this is only one version. The main flower part is done in Lizbeth "Wild Mountain Breeze" or something like that and the yellow is Cebelia. The stamen is some green I dyed and you can see more of it on the back but I'm not showing it here. Its overall size is about the size of a US quarter coin. The photo was taken on my camera and I can see it's not true. The "black" flower part is actually brown so you can see it's off. I didn't think the center yellow pouf would allow it to scan well though.

Well...I thought I'd jazz it up a bit by finding a "cookie cutter" frame. I used to have an editing program that did that but it went with my old computer, so I was looking for something free online. The very first one I found, is as far as I went. I didn't find a cookie cutter shape but I did find these cool effects!

this is the Art Poster filter. You can apply more than one effect at a time but I do want to get to bed tonight. I'm sure you could change colors or probably do any of the other filters and then apply the art poster effect and get something really cool. BTW, you don't have to register or download anything. The program is on-the-spot usage.

Here's the first one that wow'd me. I started with the flower on a green background because I was afraid of damaging the pink background one until I'd saved a few and found I still have my originals. This is the kaleidescope filter.

So then I got brave and used the pink one and played a bit with the settings. I wish I was a computer whiz - imagine what you could use these images for!

In this one, I played with another effect which I now forget but you can see how it deepened and changed the tone.

So...maybe something to keep in mind the next time you change your blog header?

I'm going to bed NOW!


  1. I really like your flower!

  2. Pleased you played around with your computer before going to bed!
    The crochet flower is beautiful and the image effect is awesome, must look this up! Did you sleep well after that? I mean your brain must have been full of kaleidoscope images and colours!

  3. Thanks for the tip on the art filter program! It looks like fun. And thanks for the comment on my blog today!

  4. Oh, I could spend hours with that program! I want to get to bed at some point tonite, so I am holding back on even LOOKING at that program until tomorrow. Love your artistic experiments!

  5. You will be pleased to know that Suzanne is still making lace and teaching some of us new at lace how to. Suzanne taught me how to tat some months ago and have just picked it up again. I had to finish a lace collar my Mum started a few years before she died and never finished. I heard of the Penzance lace group and went along to learn Suzanne taught me how to make lace. I have now finished Mum's collar and now hope that Suzanne will help me with a piece of Honiton lace. We shall be meeting on Sunday I will tell her she is on your blog. She will be delighted I will look for the book in our library Pippa xxx

  6. Pippa, that's wonderful! Tell her I'm enjoying the book immensely. It's a library book but I've been checking online for copy to buy.

  7. Hi Sorry wrong Suzanne Thompson my Suzanne has only published lace books Honiton and Torchon She does knit and crochet as well as all the other crafts a very clever lady who loves to pass on her knowledge of everything and I am sure that if she was not in her 80's she would be blogging with the rest of us. Thank you for a wonderful blog site.
    I have just looked up the Aus site must tell my sister she is the knitter in the family. with love Pippa


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