Saturday, August 02, 2008

Blogger Woes

I couldn't bring up this blog or another one I have last night. It seems Blogger has a problem with blogs being reported as spam. I hoped it would be over this morning but it looks like it's still going on.

This is actually a test to see if I can post.

.... published and I can see it shows, but I still get the message that internet explorer can't open it and I can't click on anything other then the IE message.


  1. Gina,
    I got that too. There was a notice in my dashboard about mine being a spam blog. But today it is not there anymore. I have no tried posting anything new yet.

  2. Well Gina
    Thanks for the post, I was about to haul my machine to the shop.
    Hope it's resolved soon.
    I miss my blog fix. LOL
    Connie Angeline

  3. I haven't had that problem lately, but I did some time ago and it is hugely frustrating. I could post and comment but my blog NEVER showed up on the google alerts. I hope it is sorted out soon.

  4. I was having a different problem with blogger about a day ago where I couldn't get onto any blogger blogs and a window would pop up saying that "explorer cannot access this page" then the window would turn blank. Several people had posts on their blogger blogs about the same problem and this particular problem was due to "site meter" a type of visitor counter. I have site meter, too, many people removed theirs, but it has resolved and I've had no more problems.
    I hope this other problem resolves quickly as well.

  5. Is this just a problem with Internet Explorer? I have had no problem with Firefox.


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