Thursday, August 21, 2008

I think these are the teensiest flutters I've ever tatted. The pattern, Butterfly Twins, is by Eliz Davis. The thread is King Tut, color 944. I'm working up another set in size 20 thread. It's about twice as big!

Veronica should have received her package last Monday so I'll go ahead and post the tatting for her. It seems like 90% of my tatting these days can't be shown for one reason or another. Anyway, This is another of Eliz Davis's patterns which was just before the butterfly twins on her blog and was also featured in Georgia's online class. One of her variations shows the bear holding something so I decided to put a heart button between its paws. I think if I tat it again that I'll put seed beads in the eye rings.

Veronica likes blues and purples so I used a bright cobalt blue Aida thread to make this shuttle bag. I put a hat button on the drawstring ribbon and it looks hat ties. LOL!

Of course if you have a shuttle bag, you need a shuttle to put in it. This is a Susan Bates "aero-type" shuttle. I only decorated the top but it was a fun project.

I also made another dragon and gave this one to Veronica. I used Aida size 20 black and loaded it with beads. It came out considerably larger than the lavender one I made earlier. I did measure it but the measurements are at home. I think it was around 4 1/2" - 5" both in height and width.

I'll probably get home too late tonight to tat. Bummer.


  1. Your dragons came out superb, but then all your tatting does. I just have to make this dragon...soooon!

    How do you find the time to make all these things???

  2. Your tatted dragon looks great with all the beads. I can't wait to tat this one. I've been so busy lately I've not had time to tat and even less time to check out everyones blog.

    Veronica is one lucky lady to receive so many nice items from you. The teddy bear is so cute and I love the shuttle bat and shuttle.

  3. I agree Veronica is one lucky lady. I love your beaded dragon! I'll have to try tatting one with beads.


  4. Thanks for sharing the beaded dragon - it is nice to se the dragon evolve :-)

  5. Oh, I love the little bear! The little heart bead in the middle is so sweet! The polka dotted shuttle is very cute! Very fun tattiing 'em!


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