Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just a quickie today. I've been extremely busy but I managed to get some angel wings tatted last night for a family member. It's from Vida Sunderman's book that I've mentioned before. She actually has a tatted angel in the book but I just tatted the wings in size 50 DMC cordonnette. She cut and ties each round but I climbed out of the first round with a mock picot followed by a split ring. Then I climbed out of that round with a split chain. It's really pretty easy without the climbing out.

If you look closely you can see where I made a mistake at the beginning. On one wing, I started out with a ring of 8 picots with only 1 ds between. The directions actually say to use 2 ds, and I caught that on the second wing.

I'm nearly done with the tatted bridal hanky but don't have a photo handy to show. I also got a personalized card from Tami at Angelic Creations to put the hanky in. I'll show it later too.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. The angel wings are beautiful! I'll have to pull out my book to try the pattern!

  2. I love the angel wings!

  3. Oh, I love those angels wings! How sweet, precious and beautiful are those!!!

  4. Hi,
    I wasn't sure where to comment.
    But I wanted to thank you for coming over and seeing my cowboy dishes and lovely Cowgirly napkins.
    Thanks for letting me know about the tatting.
    I see the difference now on your blog.
    I'll press the napkins really good this week when I wash them and scan again flat.
    Maybe someone can figure it out.
    I really don't care I think they are pretty.
    I hope you have a Blessed weekend.
    Thanks again for coming by. And come back anytime I talk about different things everyday!
    I love all things vintage and love all kinds of crafting,sewing and quilting. And my family and animals. You really never what I will talk about.
    I'll check out your other blogs too.

  5. Now Gina, if you hadn't have mentioned the mistake I would never have noticed! Little mistakes show that our tatting pieces are hand made and not by machine! ;-)


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